TileSizer – Tile Cutting Tool

TileSizer™ is a specialty tile cutting tool to aid in cutting tiles with a wet saw. TileSizer is one of the most versatile tile and flooring tools on the market for making intricate and precise cuts on small tile and mosaic tile with a wet tile saw. This multi-use tile cutting tool allows for horizontal, diagonal, notched, circular, and free form cuts. It secures ¼”x ¾” tiles up to approximately 6”x 6” tiles with a thickness of up to ¾”. The patented design of TileSizer minimizes breakage and maximizes the ability to achieve the desired tile cut the first time. It is the perfect complementary tile cutting and installation tile tool. It is the ULTIMATE tile jig.

One of the Best Tile Tools to Use with Wet Tile Saws

For precision and professional quality tile cutting, TileSizer is the answer. TileSizer secures tiles in place throughout the tile cutting process, allowing tile saws or other tile cutters to glide through effortlessly without tile remnants flying up. Beyond keeping your fingers away from the wet tile saw blade, TileSizer allows for a unique array of tile cuts. Perhaps most impressive, TileSizer can hold onto tiles as small as ¼” by ¾” – a dream come true for intricate cuts like in mosaic art design.

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