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TileSizer, the Ultimate Tile Cutting Tool,

Now Available at HomeDepot.com

Roswell, Ga. – May 14, 2012 – TileSizer™, the ultimate tool for cutting tile, is now sold by The Home Depot online at homedepot.com. This continues TileSizer Inc.'s expansion efforts since being added to WW Grainger's product offering earlier this year.

TileSizer™ is a very unique specialty tile tool used to aid in cutting tiles with a wet saw, and is one of the most versatile tile and flooring tools on the market for making intricate and precise cuts on small tile and mosaic tile. It is a multi-use tool that allows for horizontal, diagonal, notched, circular, and free-form cuts. It secures tiles as small as ¼-inch x ¾-inch up to approximately 6-inch x 6-inch, with a thickness of up to ¾-inch. No other tool can help users safely work with tiles of this size range. It has revolutionized the tile and flooring industry.

The patented design minimizes breakage and maximizes the ability to achieve the desired cut the first time. It is the perfect complementary cutting and installation tile tool. This tool can be used to secure all types of tile, including glass, mosaic, ceramic, porcelain, stone and travertine.

“TileSizer™ is an amazing tool,” said Steve Burnett, an Atlanta, Georgia homeowner. “I don’t know what I would have done without it. I have been able to cut many different types and sizes of tile safely and with professional looking results. My brother-in-law is a builder, and it is one of the tools he has made a safety standard for all his tile and flooring contractors. I was blown away by how easy it is to use, but also its safety factor.”

TileSizer President Laura Saitta understands. "I invented TileSizer™ because I needed a tool to help cut small tile pieces for a mosaic design around a window to complete my own kitchen backsplash project,” she said. “For big box retailers like The Home Depot, with 50 percent of the tile tool market, to add this to their product offering is an unbelievable opportunity. It gives our product great positioning to succeed in a very competitive landscape. I'm grateful for their belief in our company and our product. I really hope TileSizer™ can help other homeowners complete their own tile projects."

TileSizer™ was created to fill a need in the tile and flooring industry. This unique product, focused on safety as well as adaptability is taking the tile and flooring industries to another level, helping produce beautiful designs and clean cuts. For more information on TileSizer™ and the company behind it, visit www.tilesizer.com.

About TileSizer™ Inc.

TileSizer Inc. is based in Roswell, Ga. TileSizer™ was created with the idea that there had to be a safer way to cut small tiles with an electric wet saw. It is a revolutionary product that has changed the course of tile cutting and design. All components of TileSizer™ are made in the U.S.A. For more information on TileSizer™, Visit www.tilesizer.com.