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How does TileSizer benefit you?

TileSizer™ offers many benefits as you tackle your tiling project:

- By making each each tile a virtual 10" x 10" tile, your fingers stay a safer distance away from the wet saw blade.
- By holding onto BOTH sides of the tile, remnants that shoot up during the tile cutting process are minimized.

- Because each tile is secured throughout the tile cutting process, TileSizer™ allows you to manipulate the tile and achieve the desired cut the first time.
- Most netting on the back of mosaic tile disintegrates when wet.  TileSizer™ allows you to manage individual tiles for a professional result. 

- Because TileSizer™ holds onto BOTH sides of the tile, BOTH sides of the cut tile can be used in your project which can lead to less purchased tiles needed to complete your project.
- Because each tile is secured, TileSizer™ also minimizes unnecessary tile breakage.
- It can also help corporation address Worker;'s Comp issues/concerns.
- Let's face it -- time is money.  Get the tool that allows you to do it right the first time !

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