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Complicated Notched Cuts

Notched cuts can be a challenge.  A notch cut can be needed to get around an outlet, cabinet,  piping or other fixture. To make the notch cut, mark the area to be cut and then slowly cut out the cavity of the notch by repeatedly moving the blade in and out of the area.  Due to the fact that the blade is circular, residual tile inevitably remains which needs to be removed.  TileSizerâ„¢ allows you to brace the tool against the wet saw table, while slowly moving the tile back and forth under the blade to remove that residual tile. You are left with a clean opening.

Notch cuts are easier to create when using a wet saw with an adjustable tilting head above the tile as shown in the pictures below.  It allows the most flexibility when digging out the residual pieces.


WATCH VIDEO:  http://youtu.be/JMl5QdjZnLc