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Tile Solutions | Cutting Diagonal, Horizontal, Mosaic & More Tiles Professionally

For a variety of tile materials, TileSizer is the ultimate tile cutter tool – it secures ceramic, porcelain, travertine, stone, glass and so many more tile materials securely in place throughout the tile cutting process.

A few (of the many) applications of this tile cutting aid include:

  • Glass Cutting: Glass tiles are becoming increasingly popular, especially in kitchen and bathroom redesigns. As a fragile, yet tough material, it’s important to ensure you have the right glass cutting tools before beginning to cut your glass tiles. Because glass shows imperfections, it’s important that one of your glass cutting tools is a high quality Diamond bladed wet saw. The diamond blade will be strong enough to make clean cuts with the glass. Another important glass cutting tool to use is TileSizer, it will hold onto both sides of the glass tile throughout the cut and allows for small tile cuts. Read more about glass tile cuts.
  • Ceramic Cutting: Another popular choice for bathrooms, ceramic tiles are a favorite with designers. Ceramic tile have a great surface for paint or other decoration, plus ceramic is a high quality, waterproof material. To cut ceramic tile, you’ll need a ceramic tile cutter (like a wet saw or other hand cutting tool) and TileSizer. TileSizer will secure the tile in place as the ceramic tile cutter slices the tile exactly. With the tiles held tightly in place by TileSizer, the ceramic tile cutter can swiftly cut through, leaving a clean cut. Both pieces of the ceramic tile will be held by TileSizer and you’ll be impressed by the professional results!
  • Corner Cutting: On top of a variety of tile materials, TileSizer excels when performing both simple and complex tile cuts. Unlike tile cutters or tile tippers, our TileSizer holds onto both sides of the tile after the cutting process. To make professional quality corner cuts, you’ll need a tile saw and TileSizer. TileSizer is able to hold onto and cut tiles smaller than ¼”, so for those intricate and tricky corner cuts, you’re able to slice with precision.
  • Mosaic Tiling Cuts: The process of creating gorgeous mosaic artwork with thousands of colorful and intricately cut tiles requires precision and an appropriate work environment. When working with such tiny pieces of tile, it’s vital to have a tile cutting aid to secure the tiles in place throughout the cutting process. TileSizer holds onto both pieces of tile during the cutting process, which allows for a safe and secure work environment. With the huge number of small tiles, it’s important to use a tile aid like TileSizer to ensure the pieces don’t fly away after cuts.

The above mentioned possibilities are just a few of the many uses of TileSizer. Like many of the satisfied users, you’ll love the versatility and high quality results TileSizer delivers.