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Corner Cuts

Corner cuts are used around cabinets, widow sills, walls, fixtures, or as a design element to be filled with another tile. To make the corner cut, mark the area to be cut, insert into TileSizerâ„¢ and cut down one of the marked lines with your cutting tool.  You can either carve out the rest of the tile to be removed similar to a Notched Cut, or remove the tile from TileSizerâ„¢ and reinsert to position the tile to be cut down the other marked line.  Due to the fact that the blade is circular, you are inevitably left with at least some residual tile which can be removed.  TileSizerâ„¢ allows you to brace the tool on the wet saw table, while you slowly move the tile back and forth under the blade to remove that residual tile. You are left with a clean opening.