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Bathrooms are an extension of our personal style.  The right mosaic tile design can give your bathroom the uplift it may need without investing in a full scale renovation.  Mosaic designs come in all shapes and sizes, and in a number of different textures.  However, due to the size of the tiles, they can be difficult to cut with a wet saw to give it the crisp, clean look your project deserves.  TileSizerâ„¢ can help secure the tile making it a virtual 10" x 10" (approximate) so that you can make those complicated cuts around outlets, vents, cabinets, windows, counters, and other bathroom fixtures.


    Rock shower insert.                     Mosaic inset.                     6" x 6" ceramic tile.                                   Stone shower floor.

Around the Tub:

                             Glass mosaic wall tle.