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TileSizer – for any Home Tile DIY Project!

TileSizer is the ultimate DIY tile cutting tool, perfect for DIY projects with professional results. TileSizer is one of few tiling tools that can cut such an array of tile materials and tile cuts that it can be used in virtually any tiling applications. We’ve seen so many satisfied users using TileSizer to DIY their bath or kitchen tile, their fireplace tile, make mosaic tile cuts and so much more. You’ll be pleased with the versatility of this tile jig.

TileSizer secures a variety of tiles for a variety of cuts for professional and precise results. Along with the tile, a wet saw will be needed to make the tile cuts themselves. TileSizer is sturdy and capable enough to hold and then cut glass tile, porcelain tile, ceramic tile and many other tile materials you may be using in your home redesign project.

With the professional quality cuts achieved, you’ll be able to install excellent looking tiles wherever you have a need in your home! With our TileSizer you can secure and cut wall tile squares and create a gorgeous looking backdrop for your bathroom or kitchen walls. For any tiling or re-tiling goal, invest in the extremely affordable and versatile TileSizer – just $29.99!