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1” x 1” Diagonal Cuts

Mosaic tiles are more popular than ever for use in kitchens and bathrooms.  But cutting tiles an inch or smaller can be a challenge to hold in place for the precise, desired cut.  It can be difficult to hold onto a small tile, especially as it’s moving through the wet saw blade.  For diagonal cuts, TileSizer™ houses two sets of triangle notches underneath each clamp to hold the tile in place at the appropriate angle each time. When used properly, TileSizer™ holds onto the tile securely as it passes through the wet saw blade.   In addition, TileSizer™ holds onto both sides of the cut tile under the clamps so no small pieces shoot off to the side, and it allows you to use both sides of the cut tile.  The small diagonal notch accommodates tiles as small as 3/4” x 3/4”. Small tiles are no match for TileSizer™ !!!!

When working with glass tile, be sure to use a Diamond Blade specific for cutting glass.

WATCH VIDEO:  http://youtu.be/S_6Xwm8k7PI

Off-center Diagonal Cuts

TileSizer™ facilitates cutting kitchen backsplash tiles. This example shows how you can cut the 4 surround tiles easily so that the smaller insert tile fits appropriately. You only need to mark one tile for the desired cut, insert the marked tile into the appropriate TileSizer™ diagonal notches, and cut once lined up properly under the blade. All subsequent cuts will be set up along the same line for a consistent cut.  These 4 cuts took about 1 minute.  Once completed, the smaller tile should fit in the center of the four cut tiles.  Repeat for a pattern, and your kitchen backsplash tile cutting is complete.


WATCH VIDEO:  http://youtu.be/u4ovymso3oQ