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Mosaic Art Cuts

Mosaic tiling is a form of tiling and artwork. Some people use full tiles, some people use rough pieces of tile, and others perform intricate cuts to get the tile just the perfect size and shape for their mosaic designs.  TileSizerâ„¢ allows you to hold very small tiles so that a hand cutting tool, nippers, or wet saw can cut through those small tiles to create even smaller tile pieces for use in your mosaic design.  

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Below, a tile the size of half a pinky nail is cut into two....AND it held both sides of the tile so that both pieces can be used in the design without fishing for it in the tile saw basin.


The pictures below  show a triangle tile cut into two to obtain a very small triangle tile.  Again, note that TileSizerâ„¢ held onto both sides of the original tile throughout the tile cutting process so that both pieces of the tile can be utilized.  More importantly, the desired cut was achieved the first time